The vision for U&I Care is to transform institutional care in our nation. All across the country are homes which house thousands of women and children, in desperate need of care, rehabilitation and support. Our vision is to work with these homes and transform them into model homes which empower their inmates to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life.


    SSC (Social Service Complex for men) or the men's home was started in 2014 for mentally and physically disabled men. This residential home is a State-run home for destitute mentally challenged boys under the age of 21. At present, the Home is understaffed and overpopulated. It lacks the necessary infrastructure to successfully rehabilitate the boys at the Home. Over the last three years, U&I has been working in the Government Home for Mentally Challenged Boys with the following aims:


    • To improve the level of care being given to the men at the Home.
    • To hire and train sufficient qualified staff and provide a working environment which aspires to excellence and continuous improvement.
    • To improve the infrastructure at the Home.
    • To assess the current state of each man and create a Personalised Development Plan for each of the men and execute it.


    At the Institute of Mentally Handicapped Children, Bangalore, U&I's assessment revealed three key areas that were huge needs.


    As there are only two state appointed nurses to take care of over 87 inmates, U&I hired 4 nurses to take care of the daily hygiene, wound care, vocational activities, computer training and rehabilitation for the inmates.


    The nurses, trained by a Dutch expert in the field of institutional care and special needs are well equipped to provide care and rehabilition to the boys. More than anything else, they're committed to serving the boys and love what they do.



    One of the biggest needs at the home has been that of a structured Individual Rehabilitation Program for each boy. With only one teacher, providing individual attention and rehabilitation to each boy has been close to example.


    U&I has begun a playschool for the profoundly and severly challenged boys with activities being implement by the assistant carers. Alongwith that, nine boys undergo physiotherapy daily helping improve their mobility. Vocational therapy and computer training classes are also conducted by the nurses.


    Out of the 85 boys, many of them are not toilet trained - so hygiene has always been a big issue.
    With 3 assistant carers dedicated to cleaning the boys, washing, arranging and sorting their clothes, their has been a huge improvement in the cleanliness at the home. 
    The assistant carers also work with the nurses and the physiotherapist in their activities. 

    2.5 hours a week can change a life


    A Day Like No Other

    The Big Birthday Bash is the annual birthday party for 85 special needs boys who have been abandoned by their families. It's a day to celebrate their lives, to show them that they are valued and loved beyond measure. 
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